Be a Startup Superstar

Find a job and quickly climb the ranks at a tech startup, even if you’re not a techie. Are you underemployed or struggling to find a fulfilling career? Stuck on a low rung of the corporate ladder and don’t see a way up anytime soon? You’re not alone. Like many recent college grads and people who feel stuck in their corporate jobs, you’ve probably never considered working for a technology company that’s just starting out, especially if you’re not a tech whiz. That doesn’t matter. Tech startups are desperate for talent and creativity in all kinds of fields from people with leadership skills and new ideas—people like you! If you’re looking to turn your general business know-how into a wildly successful career , Be a Startup Superstar is your guide. Yes, you can love your work, feel energized by your role, and earn the income of your dreams. Author Steven Mark Kahan left his safe corporate job to join his first tech startup, and since then he has helped seven startup companies sell or go public (meaning early employees usually score big). In this breakthrough book, Steve shows you how to: Look for five key traits when choosing a tech startup Get hired at a tech startup with your existing degree, skills, and experience Develop the leadership attributes and entrepreneurial mindset that can launch you to the top Make better decisions and get better outcomes in the tech startup world and beyond Be a Startup Superstar provides the expert insider guidance you need to ignite your career by joining the tech startup revolution.

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