Gorillas Can Dance

Achieve exceptional results with your organization’s next partnership for corporate innovation 

In  Gorillas Can Dance , distinguished international business strategy professor and expert Dr. Shameen Prashantham delivers a proven roadmap for large corporations collaborating with startups. Drawing on over a decade of international research, Dr. Prashantham explains the “why,” “how,” and “where” of corporate-startup partnering.  In this book, you’ll learn:  How to focus on the three pillars of synergy, interface, and exemplar to achieve outstanding results in your partnership Why the very thing that attracts large corporations to startups—their significant differences—also makes it difficult to work together Where in the world to find your ideal startup partnerships and how to use them as a force for good Perfect for C-suite executives, managers, business unit heads, and corporate innovation managers,  Gorillas Can Dance  is a must-have resource for business leaders seeking strategic guidance on partnering and collaborating with startups.

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