I Took the Only Path To See You

Learn how to achieve the highest levels of success without sacrificing who you are

In I Took the Only Path to See You , author and CEO Jon Fisher delivers an inspiring message that reminds readers that professional success does NOT have to come at the expense of personal happiness. Fisher is proof that professionals can achieve success on a grand scale without having to sacrifice their personal ethics, personal relationships, and more. The book’s author shares the experiences of those who have risen to become leaders in their fields, some of whom are his close friends. This important book teaches readers: How to achieve success without losing sight of being a good person That, while not everyone makes it to the top of their chosen field, everyone can always work toward healthy personal relationships That personal growth is the key to real and sustained personal happiness Perfect for young entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike, I Took the Only Path to See You will also earn a place in the libraries of anyone interested in achieving personal fulfilment while pursuing material success. The road to true success and happiness starts with personal happiness.

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