Buffalo, Barrels, & Bourbon

Learn about one of the most impactful distilleries in American history in this comprehensive tale 

Buffalo, Barrels, & Bourbon  tells the fascinating tale of the Buffalo Trace Distillery, from the time of the earliest explorations of Kentucky to the present day. Author and award-winning spirits expert F. Paul Pacult takes readers on a journey through history that covers the American Revolutionary War, U.S Civil War, two World Wars, Prohibition, and the Great Depression. 

Buffalo, Barrels, & Bourbon  covers the pedigree and provenance of the Buffalo Trace Distillery:  The larger-than-life personalities that over a century and a half made Buffalo Trace Distillery what it is today Detailed accounts on how many of the distillery’s award-winning and world-famous brands were created The impact of world events, including multiple depressions, weather-related events, and major conflicts, on the distillery Belonging on the shelf of anyone with an interest in American spirits and history,  Buffalo, Barrels, & Bourbon  is a compelling must-read.

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