Supply Chain Management Best Practices

Learn from leaders across industries to develop a tech-enabled «best-in-class» supply chain

Supply Chain Management Best Practices , Third Edition, is the long-awaited update to a classic resource. Since the second edition was published, the demands of the marketplace have radically shifted the dynamics of supply chain management. Transportation and fulfillment must now accommodate the technological gains that have transferred computing power from mainframes and workstations into smartphones in hands around the world. This updated book covers the new concepts, processes, and technologies that today’s supply chain professionals must know—including drones, the Internet of Things, same-day delivery, artificial intelligence, and more. Award-winning author David Blanchard discusses how companies are actively using these technologies and gaining competitive advantage through their implementation. Like its predecessors, this edition focuses on industry trends and case studies, offering the stories, recent examples of supply chain initiatives, and insights into new best practices. You'll learn proven methods for measuring the performance of a supply chain, including traditional core processes and new, extended strategies being used by today’s leading companies. Identifies proven strategies, solutions, and performance metrics for supply chain management best practices Shows how to manage supply chains in a global marketplace and how to choose third-party providers Includes new coverage of today’s game-changing supply chain technologies: drones, the Internet of Things, same-day delivery, omni-channel distribution, artificial intelligence, Uber-style freight transportation apps, blockchain, robotics, and more Discusses supply chain metrics, planning and forecasting, procurement, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, globalization, customer service, risk management, supply chain finance, and workforce management This invaluable guide for supply chain professionals, CFOs, CIOs, and others, also offers guidance on green supply chains and managing logistics in a global environment.

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