Impact the World

Supercharge your impact on global issues and drive transformative change in the world around you

Impact the World: Live Your Values and Drive Change As a Citizen Statesperson is your motivational guide to becoming a superpowered individual committed to improving your community—and the world—through your values and actions. You’ll discover why the intersection of a renewed civic spirit and new technologies empowering individuals at the local level equates to an unprecedented opportunity to channel global impact. From poverty and homelessness to violence and corruption, we often see challenges in the world around us and ask, “Why doesn’t someone do something?” We look to people with more experience, or people with more influence, or people with more time or resources than ourselves to step up and find answers to some of our biggest problems. But what if we didn’t wait for others? What if we stepped up, and looked for ways to employ our skills to solve the biggest and most complex problems of our time? That’s what leaders do. That’s what citizen statespeople do. This book is a call to action. From local to global, from the private sector to government, and to the frontlines of social entrepreneurship, authors Carrie Rich and Dean Fealk explore the benefits and challenges of becoming a citizen statesperson, showing how to pull together disparate threads to solve pressing social, political, and economic challenges. You’ll also discover: ● The lifecycle of a citizen statesperson, including an enlightening discussion of how to build your personal brand ● Inspiring case studies of real-life citizen statespeople around the world ● Explorations of the new technologies that can be used to accelerate the impact of a citizen statesperson on the world Simultaneously optimistic, inspiring, intensely practical, and engaging, Impact the World will earn a valued place in the libraries of civic leaders, activists, social justice advocates, business executives, politicians, volunteers, public servants, and anyone else looking for a way to magnify their influence and impact in any area that matters to them.

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