Clever Girl Finance: The Side Hustle Guide

Get the straight goods on how to build a thriving side hustle from someone who’s been there before 

In  Clever Girl Finance: The Side Hustle Guide , celebrated finance expert, influencer, CEO, and author Bola Sokunbi delivers your own personal key to unlocking more money, more freedom, and more security in your life. You’ll find out how to achieve financial prosperity by leveraging a side hustle business to increase your income and build wealth.  You’ll discover how to:  Build your confidence, eliminate your fears, and strengthen your focus Establish a strong foundation for your new business, even without prior experience Create a solid plan to brand, market, and grow a business your customers won’t be able to get enough of Write a realistic financial plan for your side hustle and to create long-term wealth Perfect for those with a side hustle dream and some energy to spare,  Clever Girl Finance: The Side Hustle Guide  will also earn a place in the libraries of anyone who’s ever thought about building a successful and profitable side hustle from the ground up but didn’t know where to start.

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