The Law of Fundraising

Stay abreast of the latest developments in charitable fundraising legislation and regulation Effective fundraising has never been more important to the success of a nonprofit organization than it is today. But national- and state-level legislative and administrative control over charitable fundraising is expanding quickly. In the newly revised Sixth Edition of The Law of Fundraising , distinguished lawyers and tax-exempt organization experts deliver a comprehensive and authoritative blueprint of the increasingly complex tangle of federal and state regulations and legislation that govern charitable fundraising in the United States. The authors explore the administrative, tax, and constitutional implications of the latest legislation, regulation, IRS pronouncements, private letter rulings, and technical advice memoranda. The book also includes: In-depth explorations of the anatomy of charitable fundraising, including different methods of fundraising and the roles of accountants and lawyers in the fundraising process Comprehensive examinations of federal and state regulation of fundraising, including the proper delegation of legislative authority and the treatment of fundraising disclosures Regulatory developments on the horizon, including major legislative proposals and new regulatory issues in areas including Internet fundraisingAn indispensable resource for tax-exempt board members, executives, managers, fundraisers, and other leaders, the latest edition of The Law of Fundraising will earn a place in the libraries of the accountants, lawyers, and other regulated professionals who serve nonprofit organizations.

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