The Adventures of Hana and Lissie

The Adventures of Hana and Lissie, gives children a chance to get to know cities around the US and the world through the madcap adventures of two delightful girls. With Big Trouble in the Big Apple, the first in the series, authors Keri Pearlson and Chad Chaney, with the help of illustrator Helen Luzgin, tell the story of the girls trip to New York City, where they visit key landmarks, learn a little history and discover the importance of friendship, teamwork and a little creativity. Not only is this the perfect book for the family traveling to New York City, but it's fun to read anytime.

Категория: Архитектура

ISBN: 9781607465867

Правообладатель: Ingram

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Ограничение по возрасту: 0+

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