In Statu Nascendi

In Statu Nascendi is a new peer-reviewed journal that aspires to be a world-class scholarly platform encompassing original academic research dedicated to the circle of Political Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Theory of International Relations, Foreign Policy, and the political Decision-making process. The journal investigates specific issues through a socio-cultural, philosophical, and anthropological approach to raise a new type of civic awareness about the complexity of contemporary crisis, instability, and warfare situations, where the “stage-of-becoming” plays a vital role.
Issue 2018:1 comprises, amongst others, the following articles:
· Corporate Instrumentalization of Deliberative Democracy in Global Governance
· Being Transgender and Transgender Being
· A Comparative Study between Levinas and Kierkegaard on Subjectivity and the Self
· The Kremlin’s Reaction to the St. Petersburg Metro Attacks seen through the Prism of Russian Intervention in Syria
· Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia, Saudi-Iranian Relations, and the Future of the Iranian Nuclear Deal
· The United Kingdom on the Verge of a “Constitutional Crisis”: Between the Possibility of a Second Referendum on the Membership in the European Union and a Potential Second Vote on Scottish Independence

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