God Does Not GAF About You

This is a book for those disillusioned by what you're seeing in the world, a book for those who are tired of constantly being told by media, by church, by everyone around you that everything is okay and it's going to be okay, but never offering any logical support for any of their thoughts or ideas. Here is the Fundamental (and likely Unpopular) Truth: We are all tools to use and be used, to support and be supported by others, whether that is God, Government, Business, Family, or Friends. We all simultaneously resist being used by and having to support others, but also desire to use and be used by others, as well as to support and be supported by others. This should be a short but hopefully impactful read and it may either change your view of the world or confirm some things you've already suspected. As an author, as a human, I have written some things that some people may find controversial, but I have based it all on sound logic and theory. In a world where we do not know where we stand, where the media and everything around us seems to be nothing but lies, where we don't even know which scientific theories to Trust, we can find a firm foundation in Logic and what is most likely to be True. So set your personal opinions aside and open yourself up to Logic, open yourself up to what observable science and history has provided us. In an era where Humanity seems to be driving itself off a cliff with the herd mentality, be an Outlier. Come with me on a journey to save yourself, to save humanity. A great man once said, to change the world we must change ourselves, when we change ourselves, we can change our friends and family, our friends and family can change our community, our community can change our country, and our country our country can change the world. But to change the world you absolutely must understand the world, how the world really is, not how we wish it to be. If you feel disillusioned by the world, if you feel constant anxiety, even fear, perhaps that is a normal reaction to what is actually happening. Just because you are afraid, does not mean your fear and loathing is illogical. But if you understand what is Truly happening and why, you will not be as afraid. As I write these words I can honestly say I am unafraid, because I know and understand a Great Truth that society will not tell you, cannot tell you, and in these pages I will reveal that Truth to you, and you can decide for yourself. If you decide that my words are unworthy of your contemplation, then write to me and I will send you a full refund, but if you find these words resonate with you, please, give my message to others. Only operating in the absolute concrete Truth of reality quiets our fears and silences our anxiety. In a world so filled with lies and deception, we can through rigorous study and interpretation be absolutely assured of one basic Truth, God Does Not GAF About you. (Or me Or Anyone)

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