100 Conversations You Need to Have (Trilogy)

The notebooks included in the three volume set 100 Conversations You Need to Have  contain A Philosophy Guide, A Stoic Philosophy Guide , and A Chinese Philosophy Guide. Each notebook offers an accessible and thought-provoking collection of life’s big questions and corresponding answers from some of history’s greatest philosophers. Readers are provided with the opportunity to answer each question, turn the page and receive a short piece of advice from thinkers on topics that include happiness, friendship, discipline, patience, the meaning of life and death, and other essential topics. The list of philosophers that are featured in each notebook is very multicultural. It includes both men and women and spans across time, including, among others, Aristotle, Seneca, Simone de Beauvoir, Lao Tzu, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Alfarabi, Jean-Paul Sartre and Pema Chodron. These notebooks duplicate the Socratic dialogue method and embody the idea of philosophy being a pathway to a more fulfilling life by creating 100 meaningful dialogues between the reader and a diverse array of interlocutors who will guide them on their journey to crafting a good life.

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