The Quest: To pass through conscript meaning, enter the emotional-sensorial parallel, feel deeply and bring forth the full essence of whole consciousness.<br><br>Born With Five Perfectly Balanced Senses, the human mind is bathed in dynamic sensing. In mathematical terms, this represents five to the fifth power conscious awareness. Are you aware that the creature-being exists within an encoded/emotional first voice that is immediately activated at birth?<br><br>Is Fear Your Friend or Enemy? When fear is your enemy, you lose<br>your essence. Did you know that knowledge has no essence?<br><br>Do You Think Your Feelings Belong To You? They do not&ndash;via psychological implant, losses or gains are predetermined circumstances governed by the word sanction given to others.<br><br>What Makes The Idea Of Truth a Hypocrisy? Can you define fact as<br>anything more than mental impasse or define truth as more than<br>paradoxical conscription?<br><br>The Word&ndash;Language is a mono-dimensional syllabus and noun-verb<br>inversion that is unfit for an essenced creature&ndash;the human<br>being. Are you using your first voice to access total consciousness<br>rather than remembering performance-rated acts? How do<br>you stimulate and use this natural treasure? Once you learn how<br>to enter the world of emotion… your feelings will evolve and<br>take flight!<br><br>The RIP will remain as one of the most important, fresh and poignant works to eclipse this century.<br><br>Until you read The RIP, who and what you are will never be as clear.

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