201 Motivational Quotes from Around the World

In 201 MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES FROM AROUND THE WORLD you will learn:<br><br>1. The difference between an optimist and a pessimist.<br>2. Who makes the world a dangerous place.<br>3. The greatest thing a parent can give a child.<br>4. What makes something good or bad.<br>5. The four steps to achievement.<br>6. Why you should love your enemies.<br>7. Where champions are made.<br>8. How to cheer yourself up.<br>9. Why we must put an end to war.<br>10. How to achieve happiness.<br>11. The greatest thing a father can give his children.<br>12. How to get ahead in life.<br>13. The five enemies to peace.<br>14. The two mistakes that keep us from truth.<br>15. The importance of persistence.<br>16. How long it takes to destroy a reputation.<br>17. How to earn loyalty.<br>18. And much more.<br><br>Find out what thinkers around the world have to say about these and other issues by reading this book.

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