101 Selected Sayings of Buddha

In 101 SELECTED SAYINGS OF BUDDHA you will learn:<br><br>1. The secret of meaningful existence.<br>2. What determines who you become.<br>3. How to find peace for yourself.<br>4. What lures us to evil.<br>5. How character is formed.<br>6. About the short road to death.<br>7. How to make your home into a beautiful garden.<br>8. What the triple truth is.<br>9. How to manage your ego.<br>10. What holding on to anger is like.<br>11. How to have the best relationship.<br>12. What to ask yourself before you speak.<br>13. How to fill yourself with joy.<br>14. Which word is better than a thousand words.<br>15. What makes us holy.<br>16. About the dangers of doubt.<br>17. How the wise fashion speech.<br>18. Who deserves your love.<br>19. What kills without drawing blood.<br>20. Who gets burned when we hold on to anger.<br>21. What renews humanity.<br>22. Two mistakes one can make in search of truth.<br>23. And much more.<br><br>Find out what Gautama Buddha has to say about these and other issues by reading this book.

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