Inside Out: A Pagan Tale for the Child Within

When Maisey reluctantly enters a Walkathon she finds herself stepping into another world that ultimately threatens her preconceptions and sets her on a life changing journey.<br><br>Guided by an elf named Rendal she must first traverse the dangerous land of Id where she is confronted with the past with all of its tests and trials. How she copes will determine the rest of her journey through both the puzzling land of Thoughts and later, through her Earthly reality.<br><br>&#39;Maisey&#39;, is every man and woman. She is the teenager we each have within us; that petulant protestor, the &#39;no&#39; that arises the moment we silently utter the &#39;yes&#39; to life.<br><br>Inside Out, is an allegorical tale that takes the reader on a powerful journey toward their potential and beyond; to the magic that exists within each of us when we assume responsibility over our selves.<br><br>New Zealand writer Heather Brunton wrote Inside Out while living in the Bay of Islands. She has a B.A (Lit.) and has spent much of her life exploring various esoteric, philosophical and cultural beliefs.<br><br>She spends much of her time writing and is an avid Mental Health campaigner.

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