The Gift of the White Tigers

Since the dawn of storytelling, parables have captivated listeners and readers with lessons of human experience. The Gift of the White Tigers combines the legacy of parables with cutting-edge self-actualization technology. The journey to wisdom and understanding in this magical story leads readers down a path of discovery that will enrich their lives. By illustrating the results of his lifetime of study, observation, and thought, Joseph (“Dr Joe”) Di Ruzzo dramatizes for readers the scientific advances which can enhance human existence today. From Freud to Maslow to neurolinguistic programming, he summarizes the ongoing search for healthier families and individuals. Through his tale of the adventures of two tigers, he teaches in story form the principles and values needed for success and happiness.

Категория: Афоризмы и цитаты

ISBN: 9781612541174

Правообладатель: Ingram

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