Life is a Game: Play to Win

This is a triumphant and incredibly inspirational story of a young man of just 20 years old, named Austin Watson, who has overcome so many struggles, trials, and tribulations while growing up. Now he has decided to share his experiences with you. He takes you on a personal journey all the way from his childhood and adolescent years through to his first year of college. He has gone from the very bottom to the very top–and along the way has created a Non-Profit Organization to help others who are also struggling in silence. The second part of this story reflects on how Austin has come to view the world, with a few extra surprises thrown in at the end that are sure to change the way you view life itself!

Категория: Афоризмы и цитаты

ISBN: 9781607466307

Правообладатель: Ingram

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