Bringing Wisdom to Life

It is now over 2,600 years since one of the greatest historical figures the world has known passed away. Although he lived in ancient times, what the Buddha found out and taught to others is a significant influence in our world today. Modern emanations of the Buddha’s Teachings have found their way into psychology, business, the arts, medicine, education, sport and many other fields, changing the way many live their lives – undoubtedly for the better. <br />If it hadn’t actually happened, it hardly seems possible that the teachings of a single person, born in Northern India in antiquity, could have transformed the lives of millions and millions of people for over two and a half millennia. Yet the Buddha changed the culture and traditions of over a dozen countries, engendered the support and patronage of kings and rulers, the rich and poor, young and old alike, without the use of any force or persecution. It is an incredible legacy. <br />Through all these years since the Buddha’s time, how many thousands of battles, invasions and conflicts have there been to conquer and rule, only for all of these many empires of the long past to die out. Yet the Buddha’s message carries on with strength and clarity and testifies that love, truth and peace have their own power and endurance as they resonate deeply with every individual’s fundamental need for happiness and wellbeing. <br />Bringing Wisdom to Life is written from the perspective of practicing Buddhists who have studied and learnt from many of the Buddhist Traditions found in our world today. This book offers a rich diversity of wisdom and compassion teachings for use as a practical handbook for everyday living and is a remarkable guide for inner development and peace.

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