Warren Buffett

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In Warren Buffett: Inside the Ultimate Money Mind , Hagstrom breaks new ground with a deep analysis of Buffett’s essential wisdom, an intricate mosaic of wide-ranging ideas and insights that Buffett calls a Money Mind.What exactly is a Money Mind? At one level, it’s a way of thinking about major financial issues such as capital allocation. At another level, it summarizes an overall mindset for successfully investing in today’s fast-paced stock market, a mindset that depends on a commitment to learning, adapting, and facing down irrelevant noise. This is not a method book. It is a thinking book.

Warren Buffett: Inside the Ultimate Money Mind explains the philosophies of self-reliance, stoicism, rationalism, and pragmatism and their contributions to making intelligent investment decisions. It also outlines the evolution of value investing, discusses how to develop a business-driven investing mindset, and describes the defining traits of successful active management. Lastly, it examines the surprising aspects of a Money Mind – sportsman, teacher, and artist. In short, Warren Buffett: Inside the Ultimate Money Mind helps readers understand the building blocks that go into making a Money Mind so they can begin to incorporate its principles in the service to a life of value.


“An erudite masterpiece…” Lawrence A. Cunningham “It’s another must read…” Bethany McLean “Pure Genius. This is a game changer in investment books…” Robert P. Miles “Effervescence and thoughtful analysis of Buffett’s life and work…” Tom Gayner “Hagstrom’s books always enable readers to think about the world in new ways…” Tren Griffin

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