Crypto Kids: A Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency for Children

"Crypto-Kids: A Guide to Cryptocurrencies for Kids and for Beginners" is a fascinating and informative book that will help young readers and beginners understand the basics of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The author presents the material in an accessible and interesting way, using simple language and a lot of illustrations. The book covers a wide range of topics, including the history of cryptocurrencies, mining, security, investing and much more. Thanks to its simple and accessible language, the book will be an excellent guide for anyone who wants to learn more about cryptocurrencies.

Категория: ценные бумаги / инвестиции

Правообладатель: Автор

Год: 2023

Легальная стоимость: 990.00 руб.

Ограничение по возрасту: 12+

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