Diffusion value of the pledge. Collector activity

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In order to develop production and expand markets for all interested in handling financial resources. Own funds are limited because actual borrowed funds of credit institutions. Loan is secured by collateral, for which execution is levied for improper fulfillment of financial obligations. When activated, deposit procedures arises business process by which the performance of collateral, encumbered with outstanding financial obligation, it becomes a catalyst for dispersion of its value among the involved credit institutions affiliated to it the same structures, and the borrower, the owner of the collateral, forced to pay for their services. Registry of collateral individual credit institution is the value of having a monetary value, or more precisely register the debt, the return of the collateral is provided, during the implementation procedures of the collateral is an extremely topical issue of cost. Affiliated bank structure use a "ready" for implementation of the collateral as a financial instrument whose value is dynamic in time.

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