The Secrets of Executive Search. Professional Strategies for Managing Your Personal Job Search

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Professional Strategies,World-Class Advice, and Inside Tips on Finding Your Ideal Job «The Secrets of Executive Search provides real-world and proven techniques in an easy-to-read reference format. It s a must-read for anyone who will be managing human resources and/or managing their own career into the new millennium.» Arthur E. Hobbs, former vice president, Human Resources, Raytheon Systems Co. «This book will definitely help job candidates at all levels. Not only does it contain career advice that is helpful in conducting your job search, but also for enhancing performance on the job.» Libby Sartain, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Chief People Yahoo at Yahoo! Inc. «A very current career reference guide complete with job search tips on how to maximize the power of the Internet. It s easy to read, easy to understand, and it s filled with practical, effective techniques and advice. Once I began reading Secrets, I couldn t put it down.» C. Douglas Mintmier, Vice President, Human Resources, Mary Kay Inc. «I ve interviewed countless applicants who could have made the final cut if they had read this book. It makes all the right points clearly and concisely, and provides insights that will guide people on both sides of the hiring equation.» W. L. Pendergrass, Vice President, Organization Resources Counselors, Inc. «The Secrets of Executive Search . . . is right on the money. In this day and age, professionals and executives need a personal development reference manual to help them manage their careers. And this is the one they should have!» James F. Nieves, Vice President, Human Resources, Children s Medical Center of Dallas «This is a down-to-earth reference guide that includes information many other career management books overlook. It combines the best advice from all worlds, from introspection to the practical side of how best to position yourself to get the job you really want.» Richard T. Huntley, Executive Director, Williams Communications Solutions «Secrets is an extremely savvy snapshot of pragmatic advice for executives considering a career move. It brings into sharp focus the level of detail and preparation that are required for an executive to successfully reengineer his or her career.» Douglas P. Thomas, Senior Manager, KPMG LLP

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