How Obama Embraces Islam's Sharia Agenda

While Americans focus on terrorism, a more insidious Islamist threat to our way of life lurks. It is the agenda of sharia, Islam’s authoritarian legal and political system. The global Islamist movement aims, in the words of the international Muslim Brotherhood, to destroy the West by sabotaging it from within. Its principal strategy is not mass-murder but the exploitation of Western freedoms and the insinuation of sharia principles into Western legal systems. Because those principles are hostile to our core liberties – indeed, hostile even to the bedrock premise that people are free to govern themselves as they see fit – sharia’s advance gradually undermines our culture.The sharia agenda has found a friend in the Obama administration, which has embraced its vanguard, including the Brotherhood and the Organization of the Islamic Conference. President Obama is actively abetting the Islamist platform: promoting sharia in his foreign policy, easing enforcement of laws that stop Islamic “charities” from diverting funds to jihadist terror, and even sponsoring a United Nations resolution that – under the guise of insulating Islam from criticism – would stifle First Amendment rights.

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